MarsVR in the News

  • The future of Mars colonization begins with VR and video games –
    The MarsVR project was mentioned prominently in an article that was featured on the front page of  Our project was one of the main subjects of the article and featured extensive quotes and other materials provided by James Burk, Director of IT & Program Manager of MarsVR. “To make these missions more accessible, the […]
  • MarsVR on Mars Talk – James Burk and Ali Zareiee from VR Oslo & Adapa 360
    Episode 7 of Mars Talk is all about Virtual Reality and using it for the Exploration of Mars, with our two amazing experts: James Burk is our host this week, he’s the IT Director of the Mars Society and leads our MarsVR project, and Ali Zareiee who heads up our Scandinavian chapter and is a […]
  • Bringing Mars to Earth in virtual reality – Red Bull Blog
    The MarsVR Program was featured in an extensive blog post on the Red Bull Blog, as part of our Phase 1 Kickstarter. We’ve been talking to James Burk, the Mars Society’s IT director, to find out more about MarsVR. “We want to build an engineering-grade VR tool for three purposes,” Burk explains. “We want to […]
  • Grand Junction companies involved in Mars station virtual reality mapping
    This article by a local newspaper The Daily Sentinel in Grand Junction, Colorado featured three of our partners with the June 2018 MDRS Mapping Mission. The Grand Junction group is part of a team that will map the Mars Desert Research Station in Utah for virtual reality for the Mars Society. But the hope is […]
  • MarsVR: Explore The Surface of Mars Like A Real Human Mars-bound Astronaut – Mondo 2000
    MarsVR was featured in an extensive article from the iconic Mondo 2000 publication. MarsVR is one of the first projects of its kind, but I believe it is the kind of system that everyone will be building in the years to come. A VR-enabled datasharing platform has implications for just about every area of scientific […]