Bringing Mars to Earth in virtual reality – Red Bull Blog

The MarsVR Program was featured in an extensive blog post on the Red Bull Blog, as part of our Phase 1 Kickstarter.

We’ve been talking to James Burk, the Mars Society’s IT director, to find out more about MarsVR.

“We want to build an engineering-grade VR tool for three purposes,” Burk explains. “We want to support the Mars Desert Research Station program via crew training, offer a public outreach platform to tell the story of what we’re doing, and provide a great tool for STEM Education.

“We will be open-sourcing what we do and teaching people how to use it, so that we build out a large ecosystem around what we’re doing – both for schools but also for the general public. We want this tool to be used for serious research about the MDRS and Mars, so we want to leverage the community to help us improve it.”

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